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Short film (4’10”)

The love story of a Woman and a... Spider!

While spiders prepare their ‘webs’ so do humans.
Meanwhile a Girl and a Spider meet.
But whose wedding is it?
And does she understand when she says ‘I Do’?

girl on tree

spider close-up

girl on tree


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Exploring traditional story telling I came to think that we need a retelling of some fairy tales or create new ones. To challenge once and for all the ‘happy ever afters’ deeply imbedded in our psyche, Webbed takes a twist on the traditional ‘Red Riding Hood’, ‘Red Shoes’, and the institution of marriage. It proposes a reading that gives a truthful ending as suppose to one devised to blind and control women’s freedoms. This new tale explores our relationship to ‘the other’, understanding that ‘the other’ belongs to a world very different to one’s own.

Director’s Bio—Filmography

Awards nominated Film/Theatre director. With 20yrs experience working with actors in theatre (Spain & UK), started directing short films professionally in 2012.

MERCY (In post-production 2014) Funded by Arts Council of Wales , in collaboration with Vision-Thing Communications and Tres Tornillos Producciones.

WOMEN IN PREGNANCY (2012) Pilot Documentary funded by the ACW.

WEBBED (2012) Awards Nominated: First professional project.
37th Hong Kong IFF 2013: The Firebird Award Nominated; 6 th WAMMFest USA 2013; 26th MEDINA del Campo IFF Spain 2013; PENTEDATILLO IFF, Italy 2013; MOONDANCE IFF 2013 fast-track contest; Best of South West program at 18th ENCOUNTERS 2012 Bristol, UK; Honorary Award at Love Unlimited FF 2012; OPEN 12 SHNIT 2012 Switzerland; London IFF 2012; Edinburgh FF 2012 and many more.

THIEF OF SOUNDS (1998) student film
DM Davies Award runner up, (WALES IFF 1998)

At present developing first feature film.



Girl Bride’s Maid - Ayesha Champenois
Page Boy - Oscar Morgan
Women in Red Shoes - Caroline Bunce
Spider - Orbit Spider
Bride - Zoe Mills
Groom - Sule Rimi


Director of Photography - Luke Jacobs
Editor - Justin Kennaugh
Sound Designer - David Shell

Producers - Chantal Lee-Gan & Maria Morancho
Executive Producer - Ashley Bell
1st Assistant Director - Kris Francies
Line Producer - Ramu Nair
1st Production Assistant - Craig Jurassic
2nd Production Assistant - James Connor
2nd Camera operator - Sarah Jones
1st Camera Assistant - Eoin McLoughlin
2nd Camera Assistant - Lynwen Brown
Lighting Designer - Chris McGoughney
On set Sound - Graham Jones
DIT Manager - Kris Francis
1st DIT Assistant - Dan Cripps
Colourist - Matt Mullings
Art/ Set decorator - Lara Robinson
1st Art Assistant & Path Maker - Emily Davies
2nd Art Assistant - Laura Tweet
Willow Artist - Brenda Oakes
Willow Artist Assistant - Jane Fox
Costume Designer - Zoe Howerska
Costume Supervisor - Kim Tizard-Lee
Music Composer Titles - Julian Martin
Vocals - Philippa Reeves
Additional Music from Asonancias - By Odaline de la Martinez, Courtesy of Lontano Records
Story Board artist - Steve Welchman
Makeup Artist - Laura Kent
Runners - Mike Freeman, Thomas Savoury
Child Minder - Becky Johnson
Catering by Arts at the Old Mill - Rozzane Lord

Written & Directed by Maria Morancho